A Computational Model of Feeling of Depth from Monocular 2-D Figures
Kazushi MURAKOSHI, Katsumasa MIKAMI, and Tadashi KURATA
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Pt.2 (Japanese Edition), Vol. J80-D-II, No. 1, pp. 286-294, 1997

When human see Kanizsa's triangle, he can feel three-dimensional variation with variation of brightness. The neurons which respond to subjective contours were found, and their characteristic was modeled. But, there is not a satisfactory model of three-dimensional variation that is feeling of depth. Thus we study the mechanism of generating feeling of depth from monocular 2-D figure, especially, in case of subjective figures. We propose a computational model of generating feeling of depth from occluding information. In this model, we postulate that interconnections in V2 from interstripes to thick stripe is important route for generating feeling of depth. As a result, we could calculate feeling of depth to separate overlapped figures.
key words: feeling of depth, subjective figure, binocular disparity neuron, occluding information