Depth Perception of Line Drawings Depending on First Gaze Point and Angle of Drawings
Kazushi MURAKOSHI, Hidetoshi YAMAGUCHI, and Tadashi KURATA
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Pt.2 (Japanese Edition), Vol. J80-D-II, No. 2, pp. 634-641, 1997

We focused on the way in which 3-D reversible perception from 2-D line drawings depends on gaze point and angle of drawings. Given this consideration, we measured interpretations of subjects for reversible depth perception (1) when they gazed at different gaze points and (2) when they saw the different angles of drawings. The result is that both the first gaze point and the presentation angle affected 3-D perception. Then we define sensitivity vectors of the depth, and then apply these vectors to our results of measurement. The interpretations using these sensitivity vectors agree with the results of measurement.
key words: depth perception, first gaze point, reversible figure, sensitivity vector of depth